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Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour

15 reviews

Sightseeing, Art & Culture

Direction: Sheki, Lahij
Duration: 2 days

Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour Incredible Sheki (Kish) and Unique Lahij tour

Tour description

Sheki is Azerbaijan's true travel gem, a small city off on the forested slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Etymology of the town’s name derived to the ancient times when this region of Azerbaijan was inhabited by tribe named sakas 6-7 age BC. Rich in Islamic architecture, Silk Road history, good food, and friendly people, this is travel and leisure in the Caucasus at its finest.

Waterfall "Yeddi Gozel" (Seven Beauties) in Gabala (on the way to Sheki) is stunning; it lies in the rolling, thickly forested foothills, which spread out to the south, while to the immediate north are the dramatic, snow-capped peaks of the Greater Caucasus.

Palace of Sheki Khans - This ornate 1762 palace building features vivid murals and dazzling colored light streaming through Shabaka (stained-glass) windows making it Sheki’s foremost ‘sight’ and one of the South Caucasus’ most iconic buildings. It was originally the Sheki Khan’s administrative building, just one of around 40 now-lost royal structures within the fortress compound. Its set in a walled rose garden behind two huge plane trees planted in 1530. The facade combines silvered stalactite vaulting with strong geometric patterns in dark blue, turquoise and ochre. The petite interior is only one-room deep, but lavished with intricate designs. Karavansaray - Swift development of trade in the Middle Ages enhanced importance of caravanserai existing in the territory of Azerbaijan at that time and favored construction of new ones. Generally, caravanserai was built in form of castles with one gate, closing of which made them impregnable during dangerous incidents. “Caravanserai” historical complex in Sheki is two magnificent caravanserais which reached present days and traditionally named “Yukhary” and “Ashaghy” caravanserai, which means “Upper” and “Lower” Caravanserai in translation from Azerbaijani into English. Construction of these caravanserai is dated back to the 18th-19th centuries.

Kish is a town of 7,000 years that is about 5km from Sheki. It is a bumpy ride on the narrow cobblestone roads, but well worth it to visit the beautiful Albanian church and this picturesque mountain town. Kish Albanian Church - The brilliantly renovated round-towered Albanian church in pretty Kish village has been lovingly converted into a very well-presented trilingual museum. In fact, the church site goes back well beyond the Christian era, and glass-covered grave excavations allow visitors to peer down on the bones of possibly Bronze Age skeletons. The church in the village of Kish is one of major Christian architectural monuments of Caucasian Albania. The time of the erecion of the monument is defined as the 6th-7th centuries.

Lahij is a village and municipality on the southern slopes of Greater Caucasus within the Ismailli Rayon of Azerbaijan. Population is approximately 860 people who speak the variation of Tati - Lahiji language.

Lahij is a notable place in Azerbaijan, with its authentic handicrafts traditions, particularly related to copper. The village's carpet and rug crafts are also well known in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus. Lahij has an old sewage system (some experts claim that it was built 1000 – 1500 years ago). Due to frequent earthquakes local people have developed sophisticated and authentic construction techniques.

Program of the tour



09:00 - Transfer from Baku to Sheki (on the way you will see Gabala)

12:00 -  Lahij Tour On the way

14:00 - Arrival in Sheki and Lunch at one of the local restaurants: Our guide will gladly recommend you typical ethnic cuisine at reasonable prices 

15:00 -  Visiting Historical and architectural sights of the ancient city of Sheki - The peculiar architecture of ancient houses and streets in the medieval part of the city, the districts of Gilehli, Yukhari Bash, Ganjali, Duluschu, Aghvanlar, Kohne Bazar, Sharbabchi, Bagbanar, Dodu and others - Museums in the protected and fortified part of the town of Sheki - Sheki Galasi 

18:00 - Transfer to the hotel 

19:00 - Dinner time. Overnight in Sheki




10:00 - The palace of the Sheki Khans Khan Saray, the house "Mushtaga", the summer residence of Hussein Khan "Mushtaga", the literary pseudonym of Hussein Khan Shakinsky) - Museum of Folk and Applied Art in the Albanian Temple - Historical Museum named after Rashidbey Efendiyev in the former residence of the tsar's governor of the city - House-Museum of the Shakikhanovs - Winter residence of the Syakinsk khans of the 18th century - Medieval inns-hotels AshagyKaravansaray and "YukharyKaravansaray", restored under the acting eponymous hotel of the XVIII-XIX century - Fortress "Gelesen-Geresen" VIII-IX century Mosques and minarets of the city of Sheki: - The "Juma" mosque of the 19th century and madrasah in the center of the city - Ancient Khan mosque, "Khan Mesjidi" of the XVIII century - Shiite mosque "Gul Gari", near the hotel "YukharyKaravansaray" - Mosque "Omar Effendi" of the 19th century - Minaret "Godyak", in the quarter "Agvanar" - Minaret of the eighth, "Sekkizgushali minarets" - Minaret of the mosque "Gilekhli", "Gulekhli", "Gileil", XIII century - "House of Handicrafts" and a workshop for the production of national stained-glass windows "Shebeka", in the protected and fortified part of the city "Sheki Galasy" (in the quarter "Yukhary Bash") - Craft workshops and benches on the first floor of the hotel "YukhariKaravansaray" and on the site of the Old Bazaar "Kohne Bazar" - Specialized store of silk products of the local silk combine "Sheki-Ipyak" - Tasting Sheki sweets - Modern Tourist Complex, Natural sightseeing objects: artificial ponds, springs, wooded mountain slopes and a panorama of the gorge of the Kish River in the "Markhal" tract near the northern outskirts of Sheki Excursion in the village of Kish - Albanian Christian temple "Mother of Eastern Churches" in the village of Kish near the northern outskirts of the town of Sheki 

14:00 - Lunch time

15:00 - Deaprture to Baku

18:30 - Arrival to Baku

19:00 - Dinner time 

20:00 - Transfer to the hotel

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